Eleven 1 Designs


These details introduce some of  the most popular services my clients currently use. The descriptions provide a glimpse into each service. But be assured, if you have needs beyond the list here - let's talk about them. It's likely we can develop a solution.

Graphic Design: Print & Digital

The best way to effectively communicate an idea is to attach illustrations to them. My level of skills can develop any visual to support your sales team, promote a product, enhance your next presentation or advertise your event. The options are limitless and I'm ready to knock out a brochure, a rack card, a folder, a truck wrap, a slide conveying a simple flowchart or a complicated illustration clarifying a complex scenario such as a vehicular accident scene or medical diagram... I'll visually find a way to reinforce your message. And through visuals the message will be both reinforced and retained.

Website Design & Development

Crafting the pages, layout, and aesthetic continuity from one screen to the next is the first part of our visual solution when developing websites. Then I address the content and how it's received in the algorithms of popular search engines. Next I'll consider the user experience and perception of your company as a result.

And although Eleven 1 Designs emphasizes visual solutions to start – website development, upkeep and positioning require more than just effective visuals to ensure success. Eleven 1 Designs is experienced in optimization, analytics, conversions and on-going web trends which will make certain your website is successful on all levels.

Social Media Services

Successfully launching a social media platform requires graphical expertise as well as knowledge of social media trends. Naturally, Eleven 1 Designs is prepared to execute visual solutions on all social media platforms.

Once your page is set-up, you'll want to build the right community to "follow" or "like" it. The advertising opportunities on these social media platforms is a great way to start. Utilizing the analytics provided, you can hone in on a target demographic and/or geographic audiences where you, as the business owner/representative can strategize. From there I'll implement advertising communication to persuade an audience to take some action with respect to products, ideas, or services – the delivery of social media ads makes sense to us.

Website Management

I find many business owners launch their site and then get caught up in running their business, leaving little to no time for website management. Eleven 1 Designs has experience maintaining retail, event planning, designer, service based and non-profit websites. Because my services are tailored to the customer, I'd be delighted to create a maintenance plan that works for your business.

Whether your website needs attention daily, monthly or quarterly - we're prepared to stay on-top of the task (and the fresh content and updates keeps Google happy too). You can add your own to customize each page.

Visual Strategy

Just the idea of visual branding is exciting. Pulling together a comprehensive visual brand strategy across all mediums raises my heart rate. Whether it's a new business or a re-brand, consistent visual branding to a well-studied target audience is the most effective marketing strategy. My range of skills and experience is certain to cover every service you'll need to deliver a cohesive brand for your company.

From logo development to the branding launch… and every letterhead design, envelope, website layout, keyword and social media page in between – I’ll see that your brand competes in your industry and prepares you for success.

Logo Design & Branding

A logo is often the first visual a customer is confronted with. So how, in an instant, can you effectively convey that you are the right company for your client? Well, it starts in the draft phase. You see, a lot more goes into a logo than most people realize. But that's for me to worry about.

Eleven 1 Designs will take the time to study your audience, discover what colors, shapes and styles are most effective for that demographic. I then combine that information with research to ensure your logo concept will be powerful, memorable and unique. And that's just the beginning. Allow me to work with you to deliver an effective logo that will be an authority in your industry. ​​

Litigation Support

{I know, this doesn't seem to fit... but stay with me, I have experience in this area and I promise it makes sense} The best way to effectively communicate an idea is to attach illustrations to them. That's where I come in. I use my visual expertise and graphic design skills to help you deliver an effective and persuasive legal presentation. 

I can develop any visual graphic to help convey demonstrative evidence – from a simple flowchart to a complicated illustration clarifying a complex scenario such as a vehicular accident scene or medical diagram. Whether the demonstrative graphic is integrated into an electronic presentation or printed, mounted and displayed on an easel – an illustration stimulates thinking through visual processing and delivers a complex message that all jurors can retain.

Whether the case is in mediation or goes to trial, Eleven 1 Designs can compose a thorough and seamless presentation using visuals that flow along with your message. In addition to preparing your presentation, when it's go time - I'm at your fingertips to make last minute changes, operate the audio and visual equipment, setup and take-down. Although I love advances in technology, I make it standard to provide presentation deliverables in the form of a professionally bound hard copy for quick reference. Most legal teams agree it’s beneficial to present from the start. At mediation, a brief presentation with exhibits, depositions, charts and graphs can be shown to opposing counsel during negotiations. This often provides a glimpse into what a jury may experience while at trial.

When it comes to litigation support, my services are available as needed - to diagram one piece of financial information during arbitration or to assist with the visuals of a case from start to finish.